KPQ welcomed the 2023 Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royal Court to our studios Tuesday, less than 72 hours after they were crowned in ceremonies held Saturday night in Wenatchee.

Queen Scarlette Cron and Princesses Natalie Pearson and Dylan Schmitten have had a whirlwind 48 hours with not much sleep, a brunch and were headed to a meeting with parents and Festival Administrator Darci Christopherson to discuss their Royal duties over the next year.  Our interview was a chance to reflect on the moment their names were called and they learned they would comprise the Apple Blossom Royal Court.

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Queen Scarlette Cron said the last few days have been a bit of a blur as she has been feeling ill the last 48 hours or so. While she was feeling a lot better for the interview, Cron said "I feel like I didn't get to soak in that moment as much as I wanted to and I had to cancel an interview yesterday but I am still just like seeping in this like amazing feeling and opportunity. I feel like I'm floating, I'm so ridiculously happy to be here and to be sharing it with his two other lovely ladies who are so extremely deserving."

All three looked radiant and were beaming with pride despite any fatigue.

I asked Princess Dylan Schmitten what she learned about herself by going through the experience?  Schmitten said without hesitation "I just learned that I'm capable of a lot more than I thought I was capable of because before all I've done is sports. I'm like, I can never be an Apple Blossom like are you kidding me? But now I'm here and I'm doing it. So I just realized that. I'm just capable of a lot more than I think I'm capable of."

I asked Princess Natalie Pearson, with all the questions that came her way during the Apple Blossom Top 10 and Royalty Selection Pageant experience, what is something that wasn't asked or would be a surprise for everyone to learn about her? "Gosh, I don't even know that's so hard.  A little tidbit um Oh, yes. This January was a rough month for me. But we had planned a little Apple Blossom dinner and I was actually carpooling with some of the other girls and we ended up getting into a car crash and I totaled my car. Thankfully, everybody's safe. But my car for Penelope she's passed on.

I posed a final question to Queen Scarlette. What impressed her most about her Princesses,  Dylan and Natalie?  "Well, these are both just some of the most amazing girls I've ever met.  One of the thing that I find most impressive is their ability to put it on when they need to like right now we're sitting we're being composed, we can answer these questions, but you're gonna turn the microphones off and someone's gonna tell a joke and we're just gonna start breaking down laughing.  It is that ability that when someone comes into the room to really be able to put on our professional faces and carry on professional conversation and I think both of these girls really have that quality and it's very impressive".

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