Shout out to Eastmont School District! Like seriously! When we send our kiddos off to school, we want them to learn, and excel. Eastmont School District takes it a couple steps further with teaching and the approach helps so much! What do I mean by all of this? Well, Grant Elementary School in East Wenatchee, they have what you call the “Grant Lions, Paw Promise.” Also, within all the Eastmont Schools, they highlight Character Traits. I’ll Explain below. 

The Grant Elementary Paw Promise is, “Be Safe, Show Respect, Solve Problems and Make Good Decisions.” Simply/ beautifully put! When I pick my little girl up from school, she always has something to say about the “Paw Promise.” And it’s really embedded into her to practice those phrases. She takes them seriously, and she has in turn from what I’ve seen, goes the extra step to follow the “Promises” even at home. Honestly, it’s really cool as a momma to see her child grow and be kind!  

The Character Traits that all of Eastmont School Districts follow are specific words that the school teaches each month. January’s word that the schools are focusing on is, Perserverance. Now, let me tell you, when my little girl got into the car after school one day and said the word “Perserverance,” I was flabbergasted! How the heck did she not only know a big word like that, but she also knew what it meant and how to use said word. When the school highlights each word, they also choose a “Student of the Month,” based on that student practicing which ever word for that month. My little for example got the “Student of the Month Award for Empathy.” to know my 5-year-old practiced Empathy towards others, meant the world to me.  

Other words that have been focused on for “Character Traits” include, Honesty (coming in February), Cooperation (March word) and so on so forth. Kids learning these traits are just fantastic! Eastmont School District is doing exactly what I want my child to learn. Words of encouragement, traits to carry into adulthood and just simply how to be a decent human!  

Thank you, Eastmont School District, for being so proactive in the student's well-being, mental capacity, and beyond. As a momma of a little, I can only hope you will continue these practices and continue to make this mom proud!  

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