Chelan County Public Works is asking for public help to police illegal dump sites.

The department posted a photo of one of the sites on social media, which showed tires, mattresses and numerous furniture items stretching down a slope.

"We don't really feel like we should have to say this, but apparently we do," the post reads. "Our beautiful canyons are not for dumping garbage."

The county says the illegal dump site is off of Winesap Road near Manson and will be cleaned up in the next few days.

Illegal dump site near the Winesap Road - Image from Chelan County Public Works
Illegal dump site near the Winesap Road - Image from Chelan County Public Works

It also points out the county operates two of the most affordable transfer stations around at Dryden and Chelan.

Chelan County actually has three transfer stations:

  • Dryden Transfer Station, 9073 Highway 2, is operated by Chelan County's Solid Waste program.
  • Wenatchee Transfer Station, 1421 S. Wenatchee Ave., is operated by Waste Management.
  • Chelan Transfer Station, 23235 Highway 97A, is operated by North Chelan Recovery & Recycling Inc

The county is asking anyone who has seen the suspect, or has seem someone dumping garbage off county roads, to take a photo or license plate number.

People reporting an illegal dump are asked to get details such as location (mileposts and cross roads), a description of what is in the illegal dump and contact information for follow-up.

Report illegal dumps here.

Learn where they are.

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