Statements about the middle eastern war between Hamas and Israel continue to reverberate in the Wenatchee Valley. 

About 50 people gathered at Memorial Park in Wenatchee Thursday for a pro-Israeli rally. 

Christie Wardle identifies as a Christian. She says the group gathered to show support for Israel. 

"Basically, it was very peaceful," said Wardle. "We're there to let people know that we are supportive of Israel, and that our hearts go out to the families that are having tragedies from them." 

The rally featured signs backing the cause of Israel and was held between 5-6pm Thursday. 

It took place at the corner where Orondo Avenue and Chelan Avenue.   

A Pro-Palestinian rally calling for a cease fire to the war was held at the same location shortly after the war began in early October. 

Wardle said they were very pleased with the support from drivers passing by who waved or honked horns. 

She said a variety of local Christian churches were involved in the rally.  

Wardle said Jewish people in Israel have special standing in the religious world. "Israel is chosen people," said Wardle. "I believe in supporting god's chosen people, the Jews." 

She said the rally drew people from local churches who sympathize with Israel. "It was just a variety of different people from local churches whose hearts were wanting to support Israel," Wardle said. 

Lately, reporting on the conflict has centered on a central hospital in Gaza where Israel claims Hamas has operations underneath. 

Israel is under growing international pressure to uncover proof of what it has described as a Hamas command and control center under the Al-Shifa Hospital. 

The hospital has lost power during recent fighting and has become nonfunctional.