Have you ever sat and wondered, "What happens to our souls after we pass?" Seems the human mind naturally thinks that at least once, right? Do we actually have answers?

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

Have you ever had a "near-death experience?" If so, what was it like? Keep the idea of what that was like in your mind for a second, then watch this trailer below.

I recently started watching this show on Netflix, "Surviving Death." Now, I personally have never had a near-death experience, BUT I do feel like there are things we experience in life that are simply unexplained. Maybe to be explained after death?

Maybe you want to connect with someone who has passed, maybe you have underlying questions and want answers, maybe you simply want to share your story! That Netflix Doc. Series brought to light an organization in Seattle WA, that maybe you want to look into.

The Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies

"Sharing Near-Death Experiences since 1982"

Here's what the organization says about the docu-series.

"Episode 1 on Near-Death Experiences features Seattle IANDS. We feel that our group was well-presented in that episode and encourage people to watch it for an introduction to our organization.  We have also had  inquiries about the phenomena covered in the other episodes of the series. Seattle IANDS is not affiliated with any of the people featured in those episodes and had no input regarding the content of the other episodes" - Seattle IANDS

The YouTube video provided above, is a more in depth look into Dr. Mary Neal's experience with "Near-Death" She was also featured in the Netflix docu-series.


Maybe you think all of this is just a bunch of, dare I say... "Crap."

That's ok! Imagine a world where we all agreed. Seems way too far-fetched. This just really got my mind thinking, so much so that I needed to get it to you.

Check out the Netflix Docu-Series called, "Surviving Death."

For more information on the Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies, click here.

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