There are some questions in life that we as humans just don't ask and go with the flow with. For years, I just assumed we had an extra day in February , "for funsies" but is that really the case? Of course not.

Why Do we have Leap Years?

"The reason there are leap days, and years, is because of the Earth's orbit. The number of days it takes for the Earth to complete a full revolution around the Sun is not a whole number. The 365 days we experience is actually 365.2422 days, National Geographic reports." - Source


So, we get to blame the Earth? Did we get a memo from Mother Nature that, "Hey, maybe you should do this!" Kind of crazy to think about the knowledge that went into deciding to have an extra day every four years.

Why did we choose February to hold the extra day?

This is a shortened version of an answer I found on Quora...

"The leap day is added to February because the roman calendar they used prior to the Julian calendar had a leap month that was inserted in February." -Source


So, more specifically, we are blaming Julius Caesar? The dude who invented Caeser Salad? (Oh wait, he didn't invent the salad, he presented a Calander... My bad) Ok, so maybe we are, but it does add a little razzle dazzle into our years.

Alright, so we got the answers. Do you like having a leap year?

How many people are born on a leap year on average?

"It's estimated that worldwide, around five million people — dubbed "Leaplings" — have a Feb. 29 birthday (in the US, it's about 187,000 people)" - Source.

Now the real question is, if you ARE born on leap day, do you still get to celebrate every year?

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