Do You Recall These Five Historic Landslides In Washington State?

As California prepares for rain storms and possible flooding over the next few weeks, some might not realize it but Washington State is also quite prone to flooding and landslides.

Volcano Advisory Continues For Mount St. Helens
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The Five Deadly History of Landslides in Washington State

Over the years, these natural disasters have wrought havoc across the state, leaving trails of destruction and altering landscapes forever, and as a Washingtonian, I'm quite aware of the destructive nature that follows a landslide. I know we are currently

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I know we are currently awaiting a possible landslide near Yakima in the Union Gap at Rattlesnake Ridge that was part of the news a few years back but still hasn't transpired.

I thought I'd recap five destructive landslides that you might recall from Washington State and see if you remember or were a part of these deadly natural disasters:

5 Devastating Landslides in Washington State That'll Shock You

Do you recall these five destructive landslides in Washington State history?

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The one landslide I remember the most of course as a kid growing up in Washington was the Mt. Saint Helens explosion and then again The Nile Valley landslide in Yakima because I was working there back in 2009.

Landslides, while a natural part of Washington State’s ever-shifting geology, bring sobering consequences that often take years to recover

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