After the recent weather we’ve been having, not only in the Pacific Northwest but across the United States, it was not fun to be on the roads. For some reason, at least to me, it seemed that TikTok and other social media were focused on Seattle and all that excitement the city had with the ice. Not only with people slipping and parked cars suddenly sliding away but the people trying to drive in treacherous conditions. It was enough to give the rest of the world a bad impression of Seattle drivers.

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Does Seattle have The Worst Drivers in the United States?

The short answer is no. Seattle doesn’t rank among the worst of the worst. It doesn’t even rank in the worst 10 cities. Not even the worst 30! Believe it or not, when it comes to cities with the best and worst drivers, Seattle actually cracks the top 30 of the BEST drivers. Shocked? I’ll admit, I was.

Who Ranked The Best & Worst Drivers in the United States?

The analysts at QuoteWizard scoured over six million car insurance quotes from the 70 largest cities in America, taking into account DUIs, Accidents, Speeding Tickets, and other driving citations. Every year they publish their report, and all I can say is I have another reason why I’m happy I don’t live in California.

The Top 10 Cities in America with the Worst Drivers

10 – Jacksonville, Florida
9 – Richmond, California
8 – Riverside, California
7 – Fresno, California
6 – San Diego, California
5 – San Francisco, California
4 – Los Angeles, California
3 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2 – Sacramento, California
1 – Bakersfield, California

So, thankfully the only city in the PNW to make the worst list was Portland, OR coming in at #30. But what about the best driving list? I already stated how Seattle cracked the top 30, but where did it land?

Well, it ranked in the better half of the country, coming in at #28 (out of 70 cities). Check out the top 10 cities with the best drivers.

The Top 10 Cities in America with the Best Drivers

10 – Chicago, Illinois
9 – Houston, Texas
8 – Detroit, Michigan
7 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
6 – Dallas, Texas
5 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
4 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3 – Little Rock, Arkansas
2 – Hartford, Connecticut
1 – Louisville, Kentucky

For the full 30 of best and worst drivers, check out QuoteWizard. What do you think? Are Seattle drivers better or worse than average? Tap the App and share your take and what you’ve experienced on the road.

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