Yes, we are doing that “thing” again where we lose an hour of sleep. 

That “thing” is Daylight Savings.  

“Losing” an hour of sleep has always been my pet peeve, although I do love the longer daytime.  

I asked around the office in regard to Daylight Savings and got this really intriguing answer. 

Steve Sandman:

I like it! Let’s switch and stay! Spring forward for Eternity!

Could you imagine?! Springing forward and not ever “falling back” again?!  

I would love that, cause once 2 or three-Ish days have passed, we all kind of get back into the swing of things, all to be interrupted again come November when we “Fall Back.” 

There is currently a push, yet again, to have Daylight savings time be permanent.

The Sunshine Protection act, if this bill is passed, we would not “fall back” this November. If the bill is not passed, well you know what that means. The Sunshine Protection Act has been passed in the Senate, but to become law, it has to be passed by the House and the President. Fingers Crossed! Read more on this here.

In the meantime, we shall go forth as usual and deal with the one less hour of sleep.  

One thing cool though, we don’t have to turn or cell phones on and off anymore to allow the time to switch digitally, although I still do for safe measure! 

And if you forget, well, I hope you don’t show up to a work shift an hour earlier than need be, but if so, hey! Overtime, maybe? 

Fun Fact: I have no changed one of my clocks in my house since the last time change, yay! One less clock to switch.  

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