Ok so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are out of the playoffs and out of the running for the big game coming this Feb. That has left us all asking, “What’s Tom Brady going to do next?!?” Will he retire? (And stay retired) Will he play for Tampa Bay again? Will he become a sports broadcaster? Will he replace Russell Wilson as quarterback for the Denver Broncos? I mean the sky is the limit, (and maybe more if he chills with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, heck, Tom might become an astronaut) No matter what he chooses, I’ve come up with a few ideas for him... Cause ya know, he’ll for sure read this.  

Things Tom Brady Can Do in Washington State (According to Aly): 

  • Hang out at Bimbo beach for the summertime below the Odabashian Bridge on the East Wenatchee side of the river. (All the cool kids do it!) 
  • Buy a house in Leavenworth and wear lederhosen all year round because he can.
  • Work at a discount tire and learn how to properly inflate things.  
  • Go around taking selfies with his new Instagram model cause #PNW #509 #CoolAesthetic #RetireAlready 
  • Become my house cleaner (I mean, would be kind of nice) 
  • Win Gisele back by taking her to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle for a breathtaking view. 
  • Walk the Pacific Crest Trail 
  • Buy Russell Wilsons home! 
  • Get a job at Microsoft in Quincy WA (very nice school for the kids too btw)  
  • Take him to a Chelan High School football games to show him who the real GOATs are.  
  • Take him on highway 97A towards Entiat and show him the ACTUAL Goats.  

All fun and games until we actually know how he will handle the future of his football career and or whatever else he chooses, but uhhh hey Tom, if you do any of these things, I need the credit 😊 K Love You Bye.  

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