This is a series of interviews with the Top 10 Candidates for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royal Court.  The Apple Blossom Queen and two Princesses will be crowned Feb. 11th at the Cashmere Valley Bank Royalty Selection Pageant at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. Get Tickets here

Meet Top 10 Candidate Finnley Ottley

Finnley Ottley attends Wenatchee High School and is a member of the National Honor Society and like her counterparts in the Top 10 has a busy schedule.  As senior drum major for Wenatchee High School's award-winning Golden Apple Marching band. Does that role allow time to play an instrument?  Finnley explains now that the field and parade marching competition season has ended, "I actually do get to play an instrument every once in a while right now during concert seasons. We're getting ready for a large group contest and solo ensemble. So I do get to play an instrument for the next few weeks".  Finnley play the alto saxophone.

Ottley is also editor in chief of the school newspaper, The Apple Leaf.  I asked what Finnley enjoys about working with the other students on their stories?  "I love seeing all the reporters develop. This is my third year and Apple leaf. So I've kind of watched some freshmen grow into some really, really good rate reporters.  Of the many stories she has contributed to the Apple Leaf was one on ptimism versus pessimism---which one's best. And the research I found showed that it doesn't really matter. Just whatever makes you happy. Sometimes a little pessimism is good in your life. But you can try to be optimistic, too".

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Finley is a running start student and plans to go study biomedical science. What do you what do you want to do with that field of study?  "I honestly have no clue. I'm just excited to see where the next few years in college will take me. Right now. I'm leaning towards some non Patient Care Medicine, whether that's more research or maybe pathology or something that's more research medicine or getting to write a lot would be great because I love writing".  She does not have a particular preference but is considering northwest schools; Western Washington,  University of Oregon or Oregon State top her list and would allow her to stay closer to home. "I love it up here. I can I couldn't imagine leaving" Finnley said.

Staying in the northwest would allow her to enjoy the skiing opportunities.  Ottley is a member of the volunteer Ski Patrol at Mission Ridge.  "So there's like four or five of us young young ladies doing it actually, you know, we're women taking over the slopes right now. And when you're up there we just take the time to make sure everybody's happy and healthy on the Hill making sure they're getting down safe and if they do get injured that we can get them help quickly".

Every top 10 candidates is asked who they would trade places with for a day and I like to find out why. None have ever to my recollection chosen a chose her pet dog Coltrane.  She explained why this way "I have always said I wanted to trade places with dogs because ever since I was younger, I just I've always imagined what they're thinking about. And I just don't understand how dogs can just be so loving and compassionate and loyal. So I'd like to learn a little bit about that. And honestly, I would like to lay around and nap in the sun all day".

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