Are you ever in a pickle and can’t figure out what to do with the kiddos, without spending too much money? Oh, do I have a solution for you! And it won’t matter if it’s cold, hot or smokey outside!  

Eastmont Lanes Bowling Alley is offering “Free Kids Bowling!”  

May 9th - August 18th, 2023 take advantage of “Kids Bowl for Free! 

Just sign up and enjoy! 

Eastmont Lanes has more to offer than bowling as well! 

They have a really cool arcade, featuring a Virtual Reality set up! I’ve taken my little girl (5) to this before, and she just loves it! Refillable cards for game play, and plenty of different ways to win! After the games have been played, you can “cash in” your tickets and pick a cool prize!  

Bar and restaurant as well! In the mood for a tasty pizza, burger, or just a nice cold one? Sit back in their lounge and enjoy! Their service is fast and super friendly! Plus, the food is yummy!  

Wanting to just take yourself bowling? Enjoy one of their many lanes on an “open bowling” night or join a league!  

There is seriously something for EVERYONE to enjoy at Eastmont Lanes. The “Kids bowl free” program was super helpful for me and my family last year, rain or shine, my little girl would beg to head back to the lanes. Even being so young, she loved being able to get a strike (no one tell her that lane “bumpers” aren’t a norm.)  

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