Let’s pretend for a second that, there’s a major movie star like say Tom Hanks, or Kate Winslet, or I don’t know, Jennifer Aniston. Whoever your favorite celebrity is ok, let's go with that. Now... Celebrity is in town, awesome... But they are hungry... Which LOCAL restaurant would you recommend them to eat at, that would also leave a good “taste” in their mouth about the Wenatchee valley? Below are some of my suggestions, and let me be clear, after I write this, I will be visiting one cause well, just naming them makes my mouth water!  

Mexican Spots in the Valley: 

Almas Mexican Kitchen – Fresh made tortillas, amazing enchiladas and just mmm so so good! 

La Tortuga Loca - Authentic to the core! Amazing everything and I have gotten to know some of the family that owns it, such cool and nice people! 

Pasta Spots: 

Garlini’s Napoletana – Talk about some real good pasta, you can even get a pizza from their really cool brick oven! 

Visconti’s Italian Restaurant – SO many options to choose from here, but their Lemon Crab Linguini is omg Chefs Kiss! 

Burger Joints: 

Bernie’s Burgers and SudsWant an amazing burger made fresh as you order? Try here!  

Mission Burgers and Chicken – Again, amazing taste, huge portions and made with local love! 

Asian Foods:  

Spring LotusLemme just say, the Grill Combo and the Spring Comb are my go-tos and of course the Spring Rolls (ask for extra peanut sauce and thank me later)  

The Thai Restaurant Ok you want some really really good Pad Thai? Again, thank me later.  

These are just a few suggestions I would have for the celebrity visiting town, but these are also my suggestions to us “regular ole joes.” We all deserve to eat well, have it taste amazing and enjoy every bite, every time we visit. Best part? You're supporting a local business when you do!  

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