The Wenatchee Public Library is putting a different spin on Valentine's Day for its younger patrons this year.

The library will be holding an Anti-Valentine's Day Party on Tuesday, February 14.

Library associate Katie McNall says the event is designed to give teens and tweens a way of escaping the pressures associated Valentine's Day.

"It's really meant to give kids a space where they don't have to be all about the lovey-dovey and they can celebrate the heartbreaks they've been through a little and let their emotions out. We're going to be doing things like wrecking hearts and writing love and hate letters with a shredder available if they want to shred them. We'll be playing some breakup music and having some snacks and doing a lot of other fun stuff."

Part of McNall's role with the library is planning events for young people, and she said many of those who frequent the library helped in inspiring the event.

"When I talked to a bunch of my teens they were not at a stage where they wanted a super Valentine's Day, lovey-dovey event. So we wanted to create a space where they could come and be who they are as a person and just exist and just feel whatever they need to feel and process their feelings a little bit."

The Anti-Valentine's Day Party takes place from 4 to 5 p.m. in The Den of the Wenatchee Public Library.

The event is free to attend and registration is not required.

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