Valentine’s day has come and passed. Thousands of flowers gifted just in the Wenatchee Valley alone! But what does one do to keep the lovely bouquets pretty?! Trust, I needed the same answer, so I did some digging!  

I spoke with Lainey of Apple Blossom Floral who had these helpful tips: 

  • Change the water every other day! I did ask if tap or distilled water was best, and she mentioned that they just use tap water. Changing the water every other day helps keep the flowers fresh. You wouldn’t want to drink two-day old water, would you? 
  • Freshly trim the bottoms of the stems frequently. Start with cutting the bottom off (I always cut to vase size) but now, I will do a tad longer for the vase size and cut every other day a little more to help ensure freshness. Lainey mentioned, just like humans, cuts tend to heal themselves. The same goes for flowers! *I had no idea!! 

Also, a little added bonus, if you add about 1/4th cup of 7up to the flower water, the sugar helps keep the flower blossoms last longer! 

There are a few really great Local flower shops around the Wenatchee Valley that you should definitely check out! Varying prices, tons of selection and care put behind these beautiful displays.  

Apple Blossom Floral 

Kunz Floral 

Loves Me Flowers in Cashmere 

No matter the occasion, flowers are expensive and beautiful! Get your money’s worth and longevity out of the floral displays and take in that elegant floral smell of the arrangements.  

As the flowers start to wilt, I do recommend a trick I use. That the arrangement out of water, tie a hairband around the base of the stems and hang upside down (pedals to the floor) in a cool dark place! Afterward I use them as décor to the home. A fun memory of what they once were and for to something that will last with tender care.  

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