By now most couples have either planned out where they’re going to spend their Valentine’s Day, or they’re currently checking availability at a fancy-like restaurant in town, in hopes that it’ll be another memorable evening. Or for the guys, at least some extra brownie points with their lady and not end up in the doghouse. If not, here are some ideas. Some good. Some odd. Some you need a sense of humor.

WOULD YOU LIKE SOME FRIES WITH THAT If you’ve seen the classic 1985 John Cusack movie, Better Off Dead, there’s a scene where Lane Meyers takes Monique to Pig Burgers after hours, making it comically romantic. He’s got the candles, the wine, the music (even plays the sax)…and  then there’s the TV dinners. Since then, people have been trying to recreate this magical movie moment. In fact, over the years, some fast food places like McDonald’s have even set up tables with special McMeals for couples. I say, why not be…a little odd. Get all dressed up in a suit and dress and go for it. You may have the whole place to yourself. Maybe McDonald’s will let you do the slides at the Play Place.

VERTICAL CONCERT AND DINNER When I worked in Colorado, I had a girlfriend who lived in Ft. Collins who was a Michael Buble’ fan. I tried so hard to get us tickets to the Buble’ concert in Denver for Valentine’s Day. But as you can imagine, they sold out pretty quickly. So I tried my hand on the next best thing. I sent her a card with a photo of Michael Buble’ and I together (I met him at the Hollywood Bowl), inviting her to her own home for dinner and a concert. On Valentine’s Day I went over to her house, and we made my famous Monterey Chicken meal, set up a table in the living room, me in a suit and tie, her a lovely evening dress, and watched the Blu-Ray concert video of Michael Buble’ on a huge big screen TV.

Photo: Mav3rick
Photo: Mav3rick

 PICNIC AT WALLA WALLA POINT PARK Last year, I remember Evergreen Picnics put out these transparent tents out on the grass of Walla Walla Point Park, where they set up a romantic breakfast and lunch for couples. Don’t know if they’re gonna be doing this again this Valentine’s Day, but why not take this idea and run with it for yourself. Just make sure you have a portable heater or heavy jackets. It can still quite cold on February 14th. And like last year, we still had snow on the ground. 

COOKING CLASS I used to say that I like to cook for someone…but I love to cook with someone. Cooking with someone is so much more fun. I’ll even cook with my daughter, which is always one of my favorite things to do. And like I mentioned before with my old girlfriend in Ft. Collins, who was a great cook herself, meal preparation and cooking can be very romantic. Which explains why couples cooking classes are so popular. Some nicer restaurants actually offer this to locals. By the way, there are other ideas like this, such as dancing classes, or floral arrangement classes. I loved the Christian Slater and Mary Start Masterson movie, Bed of Roses, and always thought owning a flower shop would be awesome.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS This is much like how couples will plan a staycation by booking a suite at a nice local hotel or one at a resort area where you can do the full couple spa treatment. Perhaps look at a hotel in Leavenworth or Lake Chelan. Or if you do actually want to travel to say Seattle, think about this.

RIDING THE RAILS Instead of driving over the Cascades take Amtrak to the Seattle area. One of my favorite things that I did when I lived in southern California, was taking Amtrak up to Santa Barbara. Or when I lived in Santa Barbara, I’d take the train down to San Diego. There’s something romantic about riding the rails. Specially if it’s one of those trips that takes you up and down the west coast with stops at wineries and scenic spots. 

LACE UP FOR ICE SKATING: Ok, here I go with another movie reference. There’s a scene from another John Cusack movie, Serendipity where he and Kate Beckinsale go ice skating in New York City. No spoilers here, but it plays a big part at the end of the movie and it’s so perfect. Ice skating can be great on a first date or a Valentine’s Day over at the Public Skate at the Town Toyota Center. Even if you are really bad on skates. There’s something romantic about being awkward. Ok, maybe I’m stretching there. ;)

 FALL IN LOVE LIKE THEY DO IN THE MOVIES I’ve mentioned a few romantic movies. I often dreamt of being in one of those old movies from the 1940’s where the guy gets the girl. Although I think the girl would run away if I broke out in a song and dance. But how about reliving one of your favorites moments in one of your favorite movies. Find a scene the two of you love, for whatever reason, and just…do that. Like they do in the movies.

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