This is a series of interviews with the Top 10 Candidates for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royal Court.  The Apple Blossom Queen and two Princesses will be crowned Feb. 11th at the Cashmere Valley Bank Royalty Selection Pageant at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. Get Tickets here

Meet Top 10 Candidate Kendall Flanagan
Kendall Flanagan from Eastmont High School is a varsity soccer and basketball player but also plays club soccer with Wenatchee FC,  series of boys and girls teams in different age groups. Flanagan says some teams go to California, Colorado, others compete regionally in Seattle or Spokane.  "I know that one of the clubs in Wenatchee FC very very well back in Colorado. They won nationals, the boys team  coached by Neil Royston. So shout out to them"  Like many kids Kendall recalls she started playing soccer when she was four years old "and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. It's kind of the sport everyone starts with but it's hard to stick with it. So I just really like using my body and my feet at the same time and then getting to play basketball. I get to use my hands. So having the mix of both it's nice".

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Flanagan says basketball was the first passion as a middle schooler but soccer became  number one. "Coming into high school I kind of drifted towards more towards soccer and I actually didn't play basketball. My sophomore junior and now my senior year I was planning on it but I like them equally now".

Kendall relaxes by playing piano and ukelele for fun. She says "I'm definitely stronger on the piano. I took lessons starting,  I want to say first grade to sixth grade.  But I love the way the ukulele sounds. And I taught myself through YouTube videos. So I'm not like a professional by any means. But it's something I like to mess around with once in a while".

She is also a fan of crime documentaries and it may help her be a better lawyer some day.  Flanagan explained she likes learning about the criminal activities that go on in real life. "Obviously, we can watch crime on fictional TV shows, but I'm just really interested in what happens in real life and why people choose to do the things they do. do. I want to be a criminal lawyer specifically.  I want to help people who are in those situations".  Her wish is to attend Gonzaga Law School.

Kendall has been awarded most inspirational team mate for two years consecutive season on her soccer team. How does she try to inspire others?  "As an athlete, it's easy to get down on yourself and down on the team after a loss or a bad game. So I just try to use my words to inspire our teammates. I would pick them up when they were down or I would strive towards the optimistic side.  We've had some pretty successful seasons the past couple years, and I think positivity plays a role in that. I think people often forget that your mental game is just as important as your physical game"

Each top 10 candidate is asked who they would trade places with Kendall chose NBA. All-Star Steph Curry. "Obviously Stephen Curry is a great athlete, a great basketball player, but I admire the way he carries himself other than like the other athletes, you know, they get a little cocky, a little bit too full of themselves. I've always admired Steph for not drifting in that way. You know, he puts himself up to God he plays for God and his family and his kids. And so I think to have that as well as being arguably one of the best three point shooters in the world is a great combination. And so that's why I admire him".

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