New iPhone Hacks: Some New iOS 16 Updates

So you’re not getting the new iPhone 14 with all is cool new features and better camera, etc…That’s fine. Because there are some new features on your older iPhone (iPhone 8 or newer) that are pretty cool! Of course, once you’ve updated to the new iOS 16. In fact, I created the cover photo all on my iPhone using new features. Now there’s a lot. There are some hidden updates that are a bit detailed and need a setup. But I wanted to highlight some of the basics or easy to access.


I have to mention this one right off the bat because there’s nothing you really have to do. Other than unlock your iPhone with Face ID. Before you had to look right at your upright iPhone. Now, it will pretty much recognize your face at any angle. Even sideways. Which is helpful while still in bed.


This most talked about new feature, and without a doubt the biggest update with the iOS will be highlighted for you, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s worth a mention because of the fun you can have with different lock screens with favorite photos or wallpaper backgrounds, with different lock screen widgets with crazy photo and live photo features. Including highlighted subjects with flat colored backgrounds to overlapping the time with subject in photo.

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Right now there’s not a lot of widgets. Weather. Health. News. Calendar. But soon, 3rd party apps will allow you to add widgets. Facebook already has one where you can see latest post from a friend or even someone’s birthday.



On older iPhone models, you may remember that in the battery icon on the top right hand corner of the phone, it would tell you the actual percentage. Then…it was gone.

Well, Apple has brought it back to your iPhone.

Go to settings

Scroll down and tap Battery

Slide battery percentage on

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We all know how to block those spam calls…although what good is it when a dozen other numbers will call during the rest of the day. But how about e.mail spam or those automatic e.mails from places you’ve shopped at. Most of the time you can read the e.mail, scroll down and hit unsubscribe. But what about those spam e.mails where they try to get you to click the links?

Go to e.mail.

Tap senders name

Tap again when highlighted blue

Click block this contact


This one blew my mind as I stumbled upon this! Instead of taping the power button and volume button at the same time to create a screenshot, saving it to your photos, then text the photo to someone, you just to what you want to screenshot and say:

“Hey Siri. Take a screenshot and send to_______”.

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Wait. I accidentally deleted a message from my sister a few days back. What did she ask? Now you can recover it, much like you can recover a deleted photo.

Go to Messages app

Click edit on the top left hand corner

Tap, Recently Deleted

Tap the message

Hit Recover at the bottom right hand corner.


Oops. I don’t want them to see that text I sent. 

Quickly delete it by tap and hold the text within the message.

Tap More Options

You’ll see a check mark highlighting that message.

Click Undo Send (Note, that you have a 15 minutes to do so).

You can also click Edit to, of course edit the text (Note, they can see what edits you made in Edit Log if they chose so).

BTW: You’ll notice other features when you tap the blue balloon text message. One of my favorites is translate. If someone sent a text in Spanish, you can translate into English and vice versa. And there’s play button so Siri can even read it to you.


Speaking of translate. In your camera app, you can take a photo of something in another language (say Spanish), click symbol on bottom right, then tap translate. It will translate right over the photo. You can even again have it read the translation to you.


With so many passwords to remember, many people have a notepad full of passwords. Well, you don’t have to worry about at least one password when a visiting friend or family member comes to visit asking for your wi-fi password.

Go to settings

Tap the wi-fi

Click the “i” information button

Touch the hidden password

Using face ID, it will not only tell you what it is, but you can then copy it and text it to them, where they can copy and paste!


Ok. This has to be my favorite feature because I’ve wanted this feature for years! Normally if I want to turn a subject in a photo that I’ve taken, into a png file, meaning taking out the background and putting it into another background or just save it into my photo album or just send out that solo subject, I had to use several different apps like the Union app. And sometimes it comes out sloppy. Now Apple has made this so much easier.

Go to your photo album.

Find a photo where you want to highlight the subject.

Tap and hold on that subject, ie; a person.

A white glow around that subject will appear. You can copy it, then paste and send it in a text or e.mail. Or you can share it with several different options, including saving it in your photos to later use it to paste onto another photo using an app such as Juxaposer (which I use a lot), like I’ve shown below.

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attachment-mav 02 thumbnail_image1

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Of course to enhance your iPhone, there is just one more sweet update you will need. Our new and improved app with all new features. Duh! If you’re not already using the app to read this article, go to the App Store and search for our radio station. Not only can you listen to us, among the many updates, you can call us directly, text us a message, sign up for alerts, find out what we just played, and of course, read the latest articles written by our own air personalities.

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