Spontaneity, a word we use when we have either just done something spontaneous or are about to. I love being spontaneous and making memories that you’d not expect. In the Wenatchee Valley alone, I have been able to be my spontaneous self with the help of some really cool Local businesses! 

Recently, over the weekend, I decided on my way into Wenatchee that I would randomly get my second holes pierced on my ears. Simple, easy, but where?! Didn’t take long for me to find my “where.” 

Leavenworth Tattoo and Piercings Haus, located right here in Wenatchee on the Ave. That’s my “where.” I was about to pass the shop by when I saw their open sign on. Without skipping a beat, I turned my blinker on and turned in! When I walked into the studio, I was greeted with the warmest “Hellos” from Geisha and Doc. The owners of the business! Oddly enough, I had put together that Geisha, so many years ago, had actually given me my first tattoo! (That’s a story for another time, but also spontaneous in itself.) I found out, at the time of my arrival, that at that time, they were accepting Walk-ins and that all I had to do was full out a form for legal purposes.  

Now, once I got my ears pierced, Geisha (who did the beautiful job) gave me “after care” tips. And to be honest, I had No idea that “after care” instructions had changed!  

After Care Instructions: 

Do nothing, don’t even twist the new earing around, just bothers the “wound” and takes long to heal. No soaps, lotions or sprays either. Yup, just leave them Alone! 

Thank you, Geisha and Doc, for being open, that you for making me feel comfortable and most of all, that you for being able to fill my need for Spontaneity!  

Next time you are feeling spontaneous and maybe want a piercing, hit up Leavenworth Tattoo and Piercing Haus, Geisha and Doc can assist in filling that need!  

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Feelings will be hurt. Just don't shoot the messenger because I'm just pointing out what I see.

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